Bonton Connect: July Updates

Bonton Connect: July Updates

Bushra Shakil · 1st Aug 2021 · 3 minute read

The team behind Bonton Connect is relentlessly working towards improving your experience with Bonton. Over the past few weeks, we have taken your suggestions and our research into finding out how we can improve your user experience. We have launched a few updates to help you connect with the internet better.

Availability Map

The availability map shows you the nearby Wi-Fi hosts. Zoom out to see the volume of hosts and zoom in to see a more precise location of the hosts.

So, if you are going on a quick errand and know that you may need to connect to the internet, we have got you covered! You can simply check if there are Bonton hosts nearby that location beforehand and don't have to spend tons to buy mobile data. Bonton Connect is definitely your best friend in emergency need-mobile-data-now situations.

user review

This is a great app for calling Uber and Pathao.

— User review left on Playstore

Our new availability map is especially helpful for those users living in remote areas. Since we incentivize people for becoming a host, we have come across several hosts in rural areas who have chosen Bonton to earn some extra income. This hugely benefits those who are unable to afford a broadband connection or the pricey mobile data. These users can simply take their business to places near our hosts.

With Bonton, you don't even need to go through the hassle of typing in passwords or finding the nearest Wi-Fi host — we do it all for you! It isn't the risky ol' open wifi, it's just our technology making life easier for you. We automatically connect you — our users — with the closest host and as you travel, we regularly change the connection to provide you with a seamless experience.

Bonton Connect is constantly striving to ensure maximum security for our users and hosts. We guarantee to protect your passwords and assure that none of your devices — whether you're a user or a host — can be hacked through our application.

Simple Sharing

Remember the time when you had to go through four steps to become a host? Well, those days are gone. With our latest update, you can become a host in drumroll just one step!

Bonton Connect no longer requires you to become a host using the admin panel where the password of the admin panel was required to start sharing the internet. You can simply type in the password of your personal Wi-Fi router and get sharing (and earning some extra cash, of course). Let us assure you once again that none of the passwords you insert in our application will be revealed to anyone. It is all encrypted and safe.

We understand that our hosts use a variety of different models of mobile phones. And we also know that many are unaware of how to properly secure their Wi-Fi routers. Bonton Connect has created a guided system to help you create another layer of security while sharing Wi-Fi with your community. The guide tells you how to secure your personal Wi-Fi routers through your mobile phones.

Bonus Points

Do you know you're just one step away from securing 4,000 points? We welcome hosts and thank them for taking the initial steps towards democratizing the internet by giving them 4,000 points free of cost. You can use these points as a user to connect with other hosts' Wi-Fi.

As you may know, becoming a host and sharing your Wi-Fi through Bonton Connect entails monetary benefits. As more users connect to your Wi-Fi, you earn more points. Other than spending these points as a user, you can also turn them into cash. Once you have accumulated at least 20,000 points, you can convert it into cash through Bkash (for instance, for the minimum 20,000 points, you will get BDT 200).

Battery Efficiency

Wondering why the Bonton icon is no longer visible in your status bar at all times? It's because we don't want to clutter your mobile screen with anything unless it is absolutely necessary. In the updated app, the icon only appears when you are connected to someone's Wi-Fi through Bonton Connect.

We have also reduced the battery usage of our app. When the Bonton app is kept idle, it no longer runs in the system tray and consumes energy like it previously used to. Thanks to this upgrade, you can stay connected with the world for longer hours with less time spent on charging your phone.

Dark Mode

We all have been in situations where the bright screens of our mobile phones have been extremely inconvenient. To reduce your eye strain and help you use our app in dark environments, we have launched a dark mode to further provide you with a pleasant user experience.

Our designers have worked to create an even better UI for you to assist you while navigating through our app. Smoothening the transitions is just another step for us to bring you the best user experience.

Moreover, we have also spent time improving the Bangla language used in our app. Bonton Connect wants the internet to be accessible for everyone and language barriers should not hinder internet accessibility.

July has been a special month for us because we reached 10,000 hosts — a milestone we could not have reached without you! If you’re living in Dhaka, you are likely to have at least Bonton access point within 300 meters of wherever you are. Check it yourself and let us know!

Bonton reaches 10,000 shared networks

July host of the month

Bonton Connect is on a mission to democratize the internet. We cannot fulfill this aim without your help. We are still at an early stage and have a long journey ahead of us where we will need your assistance to improve our performance. So, please let us know your thoughts by connecting with us through our social media pages or via email at

You can find us on PlayStore and download our app from here.

The author, Bushra Shakil, is a third-year undergrad student at IBA, University of Dhaka, who is a Shark Tank enthusiast and is aiming to build a career in finance.

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