Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Zakia Sameen Noor · 21st May 2021 · 5 minute read

Bonton is a peer-to-peer WiFi-sharing platform that makes internet affordable for everyone, everywhere.

Over the past one year, Bonton CEO Samiha and CTO Omran have banded together an enthusiastic team, all united in their mission to connect all of Bangladesh. Every day, they’re working on removing the barriers to unlimited internet access and ensuring utmost security and efficiency for the Bonton users.

Today, we ask the people making it happen day to day, how they feel about Bonton.

Meet the Team

Question: How does working at Bonton add value to your lives?

Kamrun Nahar Ruma (Software Engineer)

Kamrun Nahar Ruma

It always feels great when we can influence people’s lives through our work. Here at Bonton, we are working dedicatedly so that the people of our country can get internet service easily at an affordable price. The opportunity to serve the people has made our work more enthusiastic and promising.

Robin Mollah (Software Engineer)

Robin Mollah

Bonton's internet service will bring huge changes to society: saving lives and building dreams. Without the internet, nobody could’ve imagined those. If the less fortunate can become digitally literate and harness the full power of the internet, it will make a great impact in reducing economic inequality. Otherwise, a huge population will stay isolated from the new, different, and simplified world.

I think we, the fortunate people, take the Internet for granted. We do not recognize the contribution it has made in today’s broad perspectives. For instance, I had three diaries where I would write documentation of PHP, JAVA, and LibGdx by hand. My limited internet access to prepare and print the several hundred pages of documents were very time expensive and cost inefficient.

Sikder Shadman Sami (Software Engineer)

Sikder Shadman Sami

The most significant impact of Bonton is making the internet more accessible to people from all walks of life. People who find themselves in need of internet on the go are at the mercy of expensive predetermined data packages, but Bonton provides an alternative that did not exist before. I find it really exciting to contribute to the development of such a product.

Ishrat Jahan Ikra (Head of Finance)

Ishrat Jahan Ikra

With the world wide web at our fingertips, the possibilities are endless. While some easily benefit from this online treasure trove of information, for many it’s not as accessible. Bonton Connect works tirelessly every day to bridge that gap and ensure everyone has equal access to the Internet. Team Bonton’s people over profit outlook helps me to live with purpose every day. Excited to see the change it brings in the world and proud to have been a small part of it.

What impact are they all talking about?

The Bonton team is obsessed with making the internet affordable and accessible for all. Otherwise, you pay twice as much to access it.

One, when you’re at the go and pay for a large volume of data from telecom operators.

Another, when you’re home and pay for a monthly subscription fee.

Why does the Bonton team believe this problem is so important?

Because, as a recent GSMA report has found, several barriers prevent the average Bangladeshi from enjoying sufficient internet per day: affordability, accessibility, usability and skills, relevance, & gender gaps.

Come be a part of the Bonton generation that’s making the internet free for all!

Bonton Connect has launched its application on Google Play Store currently. You can download the app from here.

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