Making access to the internet easier with Bonton Connect

Making access to the internet easier with Bonton Connect

Tanveer Mohiuddin · 24th Apr 2021 · 3 minute read

Bonton Connect was featured on Dhaka Tribune after the launch of the application on PlayStore. The feature focused on Bonton's inception and the business value proposition for its customers. Customers can use unlimited volume of internet for as little as 5tk for 12 hours with Bonton. Bonton has also enabled the “Sharing” option for their customers which means that people can share their WiFi from all over Bangladesh currently.

The feature also focused on the customers’ concerns about Bonton.

This idea might seem too good to be true, and there are questions that might arise in one’s mind such as sharing the same open Wi-Fi could lead to security issues which might be a serious problem to the host. To counter that issue, Bonton app puts a password in for the host and maintains a strong firewall that guarantees security and privacy for the host.

There are other concerns too, such as whether sharing Wi-Fi might slow down the internet and hamper the hosts’ own experience? To that, they answered by saying they have developed a system that recognizes the traffic usage and if there is high consumption, the user will be transferred to another network that has a more surplus bandwidth.

You can read more about the article here.

Bonton Connect has launched its application on Google Play Store currently. You can download the app from here.

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