I own a Home / Business

I own a Home / Business


Download our application from PlayStore and go to the “Share” option.


Press the “Share” option and click on “Share a Router”.


If you are already connected to the router you want to share, you choose the “Yes” option. However, you can also change the router that you want to share by going to your “WiFi Settings”.


After you choose your router to share, you’ll be asked to confirm the URL of your router’s admin page, if you see the address is correct, you choose the “Yes” Option. If you don’t know the address you can choose the “No” option.


After clicking the “Yes” option on the previous page you will be asked to confirm the default name and password of your router’s admin page. If you don’t know them, you can select the “No” option.


Choosing “No” for step 4 and 5 will also let you share your router but it will take 24 hours for our application to confirm you to share.


In case you are wondering why we ask you for your admin password. We use your admin password in order to check and ensure that your router is using the latest and greatest of wireless access point security features. Things like host isolation and subnetting and WPA2-EAP / WPA2-PSK. These plug most vulnerabilities usually mentioned about WiFi.

We also change your guest network's name and password so that we don't have to share your main ssid, ensuring your privacy. This also allows other users to discover your network even when they aren't online to begin with so that you can earn your Bonton credits without any friction.

PS: Certain terms used are for simplicity and certain elements depicted are for dramatization, Bonton will release a more comprehensive security outline in the future. Stay tuned for more updates.

Bonton gives your needs the most priority. The system recognizes your usage and if there is a high consumption on your end, users connected to your router will be transferred to another network that has more surplus bandwidth.