Mobile internet is expensive
but it doesn’t have to be.

What if you could pay to use someone else’s WiFi where
ever you go, and earned money whenever someone else used

I want to share

I want to connect

Not sure if we’re
available in your area?

We really do apologize for not being everywhere right now,
we are afterall a small startup with big ambitions.

... or Download our app it comes
built in with the availability map.

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Every body wins with Bonton. Select the path that
matches you most. Let us explain.

I want to get

If you want to get connected on a
budget or just have a backup
internet, this is the path for you.

I own a
Home / Business

Bonton is a great way to start
charging your customers and
pedestrians for yor internet.


Let’s really sit down and calculate how much you’ll
spend and how much you will earn.

Auto-detected from your IP address.


You will be using
Bonton to get online.


You will be sharing
internet with others.

How often will you connect?

We charge per day.


2 Days a Week

Check this if you think you’ll be connecting from various different locations throughout the day.

You will be spending




Data Volume


Charging for volume is
absurd to us and not
useful for anyone. We
want to change that.

Let’s Talk
About It

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Bonton HQ

House 5, Road 2/3, Banani 1213 Dhaka,
Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Mobile: +8801646679823


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